Gardening for Sex

My sex drive is inextricably linked to my overall physical state, it seems. Back when I biked or walked everywhere I went, I had a high sex drive. In the past several years, I have walked relatively little and biked far less. I also have not worked out all that much; exercise is much easier for me to do when it is a part of what I do, not a separate task. In the past few years, as I have stayed fairly inactive overall, my sex drive has also decreased. Recently, I took up gardening and noticed that I feel good and feel horny again.

I should probably define “gardening.” While it is surely hard work in any sense, in my meaning, it involves maintaining a 0.25 acre property that includes a lawn split by a steep hill, lots of large weeds that require pulling, and lots of large branches that need to be cut and hauled around. In case pushing a mower, carrying a trimmer, cutting and carrying branches, and weeding are not enough for me, I also get to shove the full yard waste bin (capacity 250 lbs) up a steep driveway once a week. Some weeks ago, I made gardening a part of my morning routine. I get up, walk the dogs (another physical chore in itself), and then garden until I feel ready to drop (usually between one and three hours), and then take a shower.

With the facts that I left the yard largely neglected before this new bout of activity, there are many lush plants that benefit from the area’s weather, and the property is just plain big, the gardening is an ongoing project. Though I have made dramatic progress in the yard, I still have a long way to go before I could possibly consider the work done, and even then there is no true “done,” since the work requires constant maintenance. Since winters here are mild and we rarely see snow, the plants can even grow (albeit much more slowly) in the winter. Basically, I shall probably always be able to at least find some trimming to do even when the lawn is practically dormant. If not, then I am sure that I could find some other work that needs to be done.

So, gardening gives me a pretty intense workout, particularly heavy on strength exercises and cardio. Combined with more care to my diet — another project just recently started — I feel terrific lately. Sure, I experience hunger pangs from time to time and an almost constant soreness in my muscles, but those are lessening quickly and I am left just feeling good. This good feeling is not limited to my increased endurance for yard work, but extends to the bedroom. Only a little while ago, very shortly after I had started my yard work routine but still generally felt more fatigue than benefit, SwingBot asked me about sexual fantasies and I honestly could not think of any. He asked because he was trying to find ways to get me in the mood; I too rarely initiated sex and too often felt too tired to let him get far when he tried. This past Thursday night showed me how dramatically my drive has changed with my improved health.

On Wednesday night, I had felt incredibly horny, more so than I had in a while without PMSing (I do tend to get horny during PMS). Unfortunately, that same night, SwingBot was incredibly sick and in no condition for sex. So, I had a party for one with my favorite vibrator, the first time I have initiated this activity in… I honestly do not know how long, but it can be counted in months. Of course, I cleaned the vibrator afterwards, but left it drying in the bathroom and SwingBot noticed and asked about it. I imagine that, along with finding it interesting, he probably felt somewhat relieved that I was finally showing some interest in sex that did not first require him to work hard on arousing me and hope that I would not be too tired.

In bed that night — Thursday night — we talked more about my use of the toy and about fantasies. In this conversation, I was able to rattle off four or so without having to give the topic much thought. SwingBot reminded me that, not so long ago, I could not name any! My body is working again, and so is that part of my mind.

When he asked, I told SwingBot that my fantasy while I used the toy the previous night had been that I used it alone, got caught, and then had help finishing. He then went to take a shower before heading to bed for the night. I took the same vibrator and started using it under the covers while he was gone. I stopped when he returned, but stayed mostly in the splayed out position in which I had been. With our moments-previous discussion in mind, he accurately figured out what I had been doing and made the previous night’s fantasy come true. We got into 69 and he absolutely wore me out with the toy. After I hit the point that I honestly could take no more, I just lay collapsed on top of him for a while. When I finally had strength back, I got him one of his favorite dildos and returned the favor by f**king his ass and alternately masturbating and fellating him until he came.

It is startling to realize that, only a few weeks ago, my mind was still too “anywhere else” for me to bother initiating sex and my body was too tired to always respond when SwingBot initiated. Now, I feel great and seem to be craving and seeking sex quite eagerly. I am sure that SwingBot is happy with the change, too. I feel better, I like looking in the mirror, and my stamina is dramatically improved. The exercise is definitely improving all facets of my health.

Plus, my lawn sure looks better these days.