Mind Reader

I woke Sunday morning with a clear vision for the evening’s plans in my head. With the bedroom dimly lit for mood and the bed made for sex, I would have SwingBot lie on his back, spread his legs, and let me play with his ass before I fucked it with a strap-on and stroked his cock with my hand. As I rose, I told myself that I should set everything up as I thought of it… and that a calendar reminder would not hurt, either. I have a bad habit of thinking in the morning of kinky evening plans, and forgetting by afternoon.

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SpareParts Joque Harness

Disclaimer: No one sent us this harness, financially supported Week Bi Week, or otherwise paid for this review.

Pegging is fun. SwingBot and I both enjoy when I fuck him with a toy. However, I do not do it nearly enough for either of us and, when I do get out a toy, I often just manipulate the toy with my hands. Now, I love to use my hands. I get to see SwingBot flat on his back, or bent over, and watch the work I do and his reactions. I get to stay in control, often even staying dressed, which gives me a special thrill. Still, being able to actually pound him, thrusting with my hips, is a lot of fun.

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Sleep Sex

I love sleep sex, but am not a rewarding person with whom to try it. Apparently, I sometimes respond to advances with slaps, kicks, and/or making some grumpy noise while turning away. Other times, I might seem to be awake and even respond favorably, but still be asleep for quite a while. So, I do not actually wake enough to appreciate what is happening until a lot of work has already been done, unnoticed. There were a few times that I woke to find SwingBot fucking me, I commented it was a great way to wake, and he replied with dismay and annoyance, “What about all that oral I just did on you?”

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