If I Left You

Yesterday was St. Valentine’s Day, hailed — and griped about — as the most romantic holiday of the year. Yesterday also marked my fourteenth “dating” anniversary with SwingBot (as opposed to our wedding anniversary). On this double-whammy of romantic days, what did we do?

SwingBot went on a weekend-long excursion somewhere a few hours away, while I stayed home alone. Not many people would call that arrangement very romantic, I suspect. Nor would they be charmed by the conversation I want to mention here.

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Veto Power

Recent articles on Polyamory Weekly and SoloPoly have me thinking about one very important difference between good swinger practices and good polyamory practices: veto power. For a good and safe swinging experience, a couple would do well to employ veto power. In polyamory, though, veto power should be exercised with caution, if at all.

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