Domly Dom


When I sketched this, I may have been feeling a bit snide about the abundance of straight male Domly-Top-Lord-Dom-Master-Doms on FetLife with profile pictures in which they scowl.

No, I do not apologize for it.

Iron Grip

Your head is over my crotch, my legs spread open around you. Your lips and tongue tease and tantalize my clit and labia. You suck lightly on my clit, and then more firmly. Your fingers flick inside my cunt, tapping at my G-spot.

Adrenaline surges through me. My back arches as I try to thrust my hips up into your face. My hands claw at the bed and clutch the sheet. My face grimaces from the intensity of the pleasure. My cunt squeezes and grabs your fingers in an iron grip.

Ow Face

One morning, I stood washing dishes for so long that I failed to notice my left knee lock. (In related news, I really want a service-oriented submissive or slave who might be open to also being a masochist in play.) When I finished and turned around to approach SwingBot, I noticed the stiffness of my knee and muttered a quiet “Ow,” mostly expressing the word through my face. SwingBot surprised me by giving me a light kiss on the lips that seemed to come from nowhere.

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